Community Supported Agriculture



Why Join a CSA

You may wonder to yourself what a CSA is and why should you join one. First off CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It’s a system where the consumer purchases a weekly share of produce, meat, and flowers from a local farmer and gets to share in the ups and downs of farm life. When you look at the lump sum price, it may seem like a luxury. After all, can’t you just go to the grocery store and get the same stuff anytime you want and at a cheaper price? Sure, if that’s all you are worried about maybe a CSA isn’t for you. But if you dive into the nitty gritty of a CSA they are worth it in so many other ways.

Local food had become this buzz topic everyone talks about but does not necessarily know enough about. When you get food from near where you live, it is a lot fresher. This means a better shelf life and often a more flavorful taste. You also get to try new and unique varieties of food that you might like even better. After all, everyone has their favorite type of apple so why would this be any different for things like veggies, fruit, and meat. 


For the farmer, the CSA is a huge help to their way of life. They get to know that what they grow will be sold and enjoyed by their community. The money from the deposit helps fund the spring planting season when money can be tight. Let's face it, not a lot of things like to grow in the cold winter months. Farming is a gamble. Mother nature answers to no one. Having that support group that shares in the ups and downs is a wonderful thing to the farmers. We love to show off our beautiful bounty and let everyone see to process from seed to your table.

Here at Back to Dirt Farm, we are launching our first year of CSA for 2021. Our jersey boys will be ready for the butcher next year around late spring/ early summer. Jersey cows are a dairy breed that most don’t normally get to try. They are known for their tender, marbled meat but don’t produce as much meat as their angus counterparts. We bought them at 4 months and 6 months old from a local creamery. They have lived in our back pasture and been free to graze on our chemical free grass. Their favorite treat though is being hand fed leafy greens and peas we have left over from our personal garden. Those who sign up by December of 2020 will get to help us decide what produce to grow. We will be sending out a list for you to vote on your top ten that you want us to definitely plant.

About our Meat & Veg CSA

Our meat and vegetable CSA includes a weekly share of Jersey grass-fed organically raised beef along with seasonal crops from our garden. Our goal is to provide you with a few vegetable and green options each week to pair with your beef making it easy to create a few delicious meals. 

Our CSA runs for 17 weeks starting the early June and late September. Each member is allocated a share of beef which includes a variety of cuts. You will have the option to choose which cut of beef you receive each week from your share. Variety and quantity of produce will vary based on the growing season. 

We offer two share sizes. Each size is meant to provide 2 meals worth of meat and veg weekly. Full share serves 3-4 people and a half share serves 1-2 people.

What can you expect each week? Our harvest plan below gives you an idea of what you may receive. Of course, it is up to nature and weekly boxes can and will vary from the plan.

We ask all of our members to complete a CSA application. We recognize that a CSA is not for everyone and we want to make sure that you have a great experience. The application helps us to get to know you and ensure a successful season.

Upon acceptance into the CSA you will pay a 15% deposit to reserve your spot. This deposit is due upon sign-up. Your deposit will help to purchase the seeds and supplies needed to begin the growing season and cover butchering costs. You will then have the option to pay in full by May 1 for a 5% discount or pay monthly, due the 1st of the month for the remaining balance. 

(Sold Out) Full Share: $680. That's just $40 a week for 2 high-quality locally grown meals. This averages to $5 a meal per person. Cheaper than McDonald's!!! 

(Sold Out) Half Share: $340. For just $20 a week you receive 2 meals worth of meat and vegetables.

We have limited spots for 2021, so sign up today!

Not interested in vegetables? No problem. We also offer beef shares. Shares will be ready in June and can be purchased from our Shop.