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Farm Rules

A Few Notes

We want to make sure each and every visit is a good experience. As you enjoy the farm, we ask that you follow our a few simple rules. Thank you for respecting our farm and helping to ensure a good experience for all.

  • Please do not step on the lavender, flowers or other crops.

  • Do not pick any flowers, lavender, fruit or vegetables without permission.

  • Please respect all gates and fences. We live here too and have a few private areas. There are also some areas restricted for your safety.

  • Do not feed or interact with our neighbor's livestock or dogs. Our neighbors have working farms too and their animals are on a special diet.

  • No pets allowed. We grow culinary lavender and other produce for human consumption.

  • Stay on marked trails when provided.

  • Watch your step. The ground will be uneven in places. 

  • Be careful when walking near plants as they are fragile.

  • Take your time and enjoy the nature around you!

  • No smoking allowed on the property. If you smoke in your car, please do not drop cigarette butts in the parking lot.

  • Please be respectful of other visitors and are farm team. 

  • You are responsible for ensuring your children follow all farm rules.

  • Do not litter or pour any substances on our farm land. We work hard to limit chemicals and plastic on the land.

  • Please respect our right to limit activities on our farm including drones and commercial photography unless authorized.

  • Are you an organic farm?
    While we are not certified organic, we do grow organically and many of our products are made with organic and non-gmo ingrediants.
  • Can I visit your farm now?
    We open our farm seasonally when our flowers are ready. This is typicall early June.
  • Why should I shop local flowers?
    Imported flowers are often cut a week or more before they arrive in a consumer's hands. During this time, quality and vase life decline. Local flowers can be cut in the morning and on your dining room table that evening, which means they will look and smell lovelier and last much longer. Additionally, imported flowers are often sprayed with toxic chemicals that you are bringing into your home. Our local flowers are chemical free!
  • Do you have a local farm store? Or stand at the farmers market?
    We have small stand open on the farm during our open hours in season where you can pick up fresh bouquets, lavender products and merch. We do occassionally visit the Sequim Farmer's market with some early spring bouquets. Check our Facebook page for announcements.
  • What if I want to use my own container?
    Living a low waste lifestyle myself, I understand the importance of minimizing package waste. We use reusable or compostable containers for all of our products. It is very important to us that each of our products ships safely and in fully sterilized containers. You can, of course, fill your own container with our product and ship back our container to be ready to be used again. If you are visiting us locally, and if it is possible to do so safely, we will happily fill your container.
  • What about microgreens?
    We continue to offer our microgreens locally at the farmers market for the 2020 season. As with all new adventures, some work out and others do not. While we will still continue to grow microgreens for our CSA members and local restaurants we will discontinue offering them at our farm stand in 2021. Fortunately, we have several other local farms who provide fresh healthy microgreens to Sequim and Port Angeles who can continue to serve you.
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