You will get 30 pounds of quality beef of mixed cuts for your purchase.  This is the most affordable way to purchase our premium pasture raised, grass-fed Jersey beef. Jersey beef is a lean, tender, sweet beef that is different than what you will find in your grocery store aisle. In fact in blind taste-tests, Jersey beef ranks #1 in flavor and tenderness!Jersey beef takes longer to raise to a good finished weight and this is reflected in our cost.


Jersey fat tends to have more beta-carotene, resulting in golden colored marbling. One reason it is important to buy beef that is raised on pasture and hay not sprayed with chemical herbicides and pesticides is that these toxic chemicals are bio-concentrated in the fat, meat, and bones of the animal. Instead of high densities of toxic chemicals, our animals have high bio-concentrations of minerals and nutrients! Our animals have no antibiotics, no hormones, just tasty, healthy beef!


We can't ship beef. Must be picked up.


Beef will be ready for pick-up the week of May 10th. Beef must be picked up no later than May 17th.



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